A Highly Specialised Computer System

As a market-leading veterinary industry provider, Cenvet Australia places enormous value on information technology as a management tool. With three in-house computer programmers, we have developed a customised computer system to manage product movements (now well in excess of 500,000 per month). Built on a wealth of knowledge and concepts such as distribution resource planning, focus forecasting and centralised control, Cenvet Australia's computer system enables each and every member of the business to access and make decisions based on comprehensive information and exception reporting. The system is designed to help the company and its customers make the best decisions.

The computer system also plays a vital role in meeting our customers' needs when it comes to providing information on stock availability, expiry dates and backorder due dates. With real-time access to this vital information, the Cenvet Australia staff are always well equipped to meet the growing demands of our clients and to support new initiatives in an ever-changing world.

Our proprietary system has been built from the ground up, and ongoing development ensures that Cenvet Australia has complete control over the direction of this ongoing major investment. The benefits of having such a sophisticated and specialised solution are huge. These are just some of the benefits that Cenvet Australia enjoys from the ability to modify and develop new programmes internally:

- Ease of ongoing development to evolve and keep pace with business processes

- Custom integration into other Cenvet Australia applications

- Centralised point from which to access information

- Client access to information that supports web-based information strategies

At Cenvet Australia, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve our processes and increase efficiency. Our own IT solution, developed to support these initiatives, enables a seamless transition between conceptualisation and delivery to all our clients across Australia.